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For the student wanting more one on one in-depth instruction, we offer private lessons. 

These lessons are normaily scheduled around a mutually agreeable time that works for both you and the instructor.

Sold in individual as needed time slots.

Cost is $50 per one hour session.

Please call to reserve your lesson.


These lessons are for a minimum of 3 students who are at the same riding skill level. 

These are a practical way to learn your horsemanship with the use of the guidance from the instructor and examples from your group members.

These lessons are sold in a 10 lesson package and are a more cost effective way of getting your ride time in not to mention a lot of fun if you have a friend.

$350 for a 10 lesson Pack

   Registration Forms:

                        204-651-1971 - Instructor Tara  

       Spring Session Starts April 1

Our program consists of both English and Western Riding disciplines with an emphasis on Western Trail.

Lessons are structured and designed according to the students’ ability, and follow Certified Horsemanship Association standards. Each new student will have an assessment ride if they are not registering as a beginner. Assessment rides are charged a fee of $35.

Each level is concluded with a written and ring test before graduating on to the next (at the instructor’s discretion).

At the conclusion of each level, students are given an official certificate stating that they have met the requirements of that level.

Students can be as young as 6 to begin their horsemanship lessons at Tumbleweeds Ranch.

Our Instructors are qualified through the Certified Horsemanship Association. (C.H.A.)


Safety is our number one priority, along with providing a fun and educational program that offers challenging, but achievable goals. So let’s Giddy Up!

Spring Session Is as follows:

Mondays   4:00  Beginners under 12 yrs Concluded      Tuesdays 4:00 Lesson Practice Rides 12 under           

                                                                                                      Reservation Required

                5:00 Beginners over 12 yrs   Concluded                     5:00 Lesson Practice Rides 12 & up

Wednesday  4:00 Beginners under 12 yrs                     Thursdays  4:00 Lesson Practice Rides 12 under

                   5:00 Beginners practice over 12 yrs                      

Fridays           4:00 Intermediate Riders Concluded            Saturdays      

                                                                                  Contact to discuss

                     Sundays  Lesson Practice rides by appointment 

                                                      Student practice rides are closed practice times with the exception of our valued boarders. All practice         rides are supervised by certified staff and are considered a lesson.

                               These rides are pivotal in the improvement of a rider’s confidence and ability to move forward onto the next lesson.